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1st International Chopin Piano Competition Singapore 2010

The Society started from an idea to promote Chopin and his music in Singapore. We all felt, the best way to achieve this was to support young pianists- his future ambassadors. Hence the idea of Competition. The concept, barely one year old, came to fruition last week. The 1st International Chopin Piano Competition Singapore 2010 is now history.

In the 5 days of Competition over 1000 people visited NAFA’s Lee Foundation Theater to witness 144 contestants competing to the delight of a jury panel comprising 5 distinguished pianists. The level of contestants exceeded expectations. In addition, we were offered three wonderful recitals by Boris Kraljevic, Wojciech Switala and Francesco Nikolosi. The Singaporean and international audience has not left disappointed. Winners were delightful and included pianists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Thailand, Singapore, Ukraine and Vietnam. Incidentally, the winner in Cat E was a Vietnamese raised and educated in Poland, speaking flawless Polish!.

Chopin’s music in the words of Rubinstein is the universal language of human communication. The Competition was a beautiful tribute to just that. A great avenue for international group young pianist to showcase their skills in front of an international audience. It was also a great promotion of Singapore and Poland.

Prize Winners 

Category A

                      1st Prize - Celestine Yoong Qian Yi (Malaysia) Age: 9

                      2nd Prize - Amanda Lee Yun Yee  (Singapore) Age: 9

                      3rd Prize - Kennis Ang Wen Xi (Singapore) Age: 9

                      4th Prize - Nattawat Luxsuwong (Thailand) Age: 9

                      5th Prize - Jueventia Ie (Indonesia) Age: 10

Category B

                      1st Prize - Jonathan Chua Yujing (Singapore) Age: 11

                      2nd Prize - Naomi Druskic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Age: 12

                      3rd Prize - Bala Gavin Jared (Singapore) Age: 11

                      4th Prize - Amanda Lee Yun Yee (Singapore) Age: 9

                      5th Prize - Nicole Ong Shu En (Singapore) Age: 12

Category C

  1st Prizes (2x) - Lin Wan (China) Age: 14 and Hoang Pham Tra Mi (Vietnam) Age: 13

2nd Prize – Not awarded

3rd Prize - Ongkowijoyo Jennifer (Indonesia) Age: 13

Category D

                             1st Prize – Ryan Randy (Indonesia) Age: 15

                             2nd Prize – Handrisanto Evelyn (Indonesia) Age: 15

                             3rd Prize – Lin Jia Xin (China) Age: 16

                             4th Prize – Felisien (Indonesia) Age: 16

                             5th Prize – Hartono Anthony (Indonesia) Age: 15

Category E

                            1st Prize – Hoang Dong Fryderyk (Vietnam) Age: 18

                            2nd Prize – Zhaoyang Mingtian (China) Age: 17

                            3rd Prize – Grabowska Oliwia (Poland) Age: 22

                            4th Prize – Ryan Randy (Indonesia) Age: 15

                            5th Prize – Tan Azariah (Singapore) Age: 19

                            6th Prize – Vokhmianina Kseniia (Ukraine) Age: 20

Audience  Award

Zhaoyang Mingtian (China) Age: 17


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